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Our Services

Educational Edge tutors are able to provide a wide variety of academic support to students in grades Pre-K through 12 in Montgomery County PA, Delaware County PA, Philadelphia PA, and NJ, and virtually throughout the country.


Elementary Individualized Tutoring

Educational Edge tutors meet with your child to deliver targeted lessons to meet their specific needs in phonics, decoding, comprehension, spelling, writing, and foundational math skills. Our tutors build upon your child's strengths to make lessons engaging and truly meaningful. Educational Edge tutors can provide remediation, offer activities to compliment your child’s current school curriculum, or deliver enrichment activities to cultivate higher level thinking.

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Middle & High School
Content Specific Tutoring

Our tutors work with middle and high school students focusing on specific subject matter. They can support your learner as they navigate new material, reinforce previously learned content, or enrich the school curriculum. Our tutors are available to assist with:

  • Math: Pre-algebra through calculus

  • Science: Biology, chemistry, physics

  • English: Reading and writing

  • Social Studies/History coursework

  • Foreign languages

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If your child is craving more challenging material, our tutors are able to build upon your child's strengths and develop project based learning opportunities, infused with critical thinking skills. 

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Executive Functioning Support

Our executive functioning coaches work with your child to develop and implement strategies to improve success. Coaches develop specific plans to improve working memory, flexible thinking, and impulse control. Supports include strategies for:

  • Paying attention

  • Organizing, planning, and prioritizing

  • Task initiation and completion

  • Self-monitoring

  • Reflecting

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Small Group Workshops

Our passionate educators facilitate small group book clubs, writing workshops, and math enrichment sessions to help cultivate confidence and a love of learning in a social setting. Our workshops maintain a small group size to ensure that each child is also getting personalized support and attention. 

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